Finding Purpose In Your Pain

Finding Purpose In Your Pain

We all enjoy a good story about overcomers conquering challenges and unbelievable odds. But we don’t always enjoy it when we’re the one in the story that needs to overcome.

Joseph, the son of Israel and ancestor to Jesus, went from being despised by his family, left for dead, accused, imprisoned, and overlooked, to being the ruler of Egypt — and the saving grace for that same family that delayed him and many more. He wasn’t just an overcomer in his own life, but his setbacks positioned him to help an entire nation overcome too!

In this special message, we’ll look at the story of Joseph; what he went through, how he felt, and how he ultimately overcame. His story can not only give us inspiration to keep going but shows us how to navigate life’s tough terrain when life seems to be falling apart, when we feel stuck, or just nothing seems to make sense.

Remember that through Jesus, we’re overcomers too! We’re not fighting for victory, we’re fighting from a place of victory in Him.

2024 Region Five Medical Education Conference, March 10, 2024