God Gives His Best To Those That Leave The Choice To Him

God Gives His Best To Those That Leave The Choice To Him

To follow Christ is to choose Him and His ways with our free will. It’s true that from the beginning, God has given mankind the power of choice (free will).

To say that God is all about choice or that He respects our choice is only partially true.

God’s Design For Choice

He gives us the choice to choose or reject Him/His ways, but we know His desire. The tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden represented a choice. But it wasn’t about the fruit or preference – it was about obedience to God.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil represented a choice of life and death. It represented a choice to follow God or not (sin).

God doesn’t give us choice/free will with the hope that we will [choose] sin or reject Him. He allows us free will but doesn’t love or applaud our sinful choices. He might even allow or tolerate them, and He certainly is gracious and merciful when we do sin. But it’s not His will that we choose sin.

There are even situations when God will make allowance for something though it wasn’t always His original desire and plan (Matthew 19.8). Shouldn’t we as believers want God’s desire rather than just the minimum, what’s allowed, or what we can get away with?

Our Choice vs. God’s Will

But to say that God affirms any choice that we decide to make in our free will is to say that He’s okay with how ever we act and whatever we decide even when it’s harmful to others. God gives us a choice to be racist or not, to love or hate, to be stingy or generous, to create/preserve life, or to kill.

What God allows is not always the same as God’s will (what He wants). God wants all to be saved even though He knows that all will not be (Matthew 7.14). Because of our fallen world and sinful nature, our free will is often in conflict with His will (Gal 5.17).

God gives His best to those that leave the choice to Him. And He always wants to be our choice. We don’t worship our free will, we follow Him, His will, and His ways.

What choice is this, exactly? It’s any choice in any issue. Every day we make a decision to follow Christ. In every situation — we’re making a decision to follow Christ and His ways. And He always deserves our full “yes.”