Is The Story of Jesus Borrowed From Egyptian Gods?

Is The Story of Jesus Borrowed From Egyptian Gods?

There are some who claim that the founders of Christianity copied elements of the faith from various ancient pagan religions.

While some of these pagan religions predate Christianity, there is practically universal consensus that there are no stories of a god coming to earth to die, and then resurrect, until after Christianity. Which means that these other religions were likely influenced by Christianity rather than the other way around.

When carefully examined side by side, the mythological gods that predate Him (Horus, Mithras, Krishna, Attis, Dionysus, etc.) actually carry little resemblance to the work, life, ministry, and authoritative claims of Jesus.

The theory that Christianity is a copycat religion, and that Jesus is a replication of various ancient mythological gods, originated with authors whose literary works contain many logical fallacies, and has been discredited by respected scholars for years. To the contrary, the New Testament sets itself apart by withstanding hundreds of years of investigation and extreme scrutiny, while containing more evidence of its historical veracity than all other ancient literature.

Further, history testifies that its writers all died claiming to be eyewitnesses that Jesus was indeed the long-awaited Messiah that came, died, was miraculously risen from the grave, and ascended to His Father in Heaven.

Indeed, the death of Jesus was foretold and anticipated, prophetically, centuries before his arrival (Isaiah 53). This is not mythology. This is specific pre-written prophecy in history. Any other claim is a reckless, revisionist presentation of the historic facts of the Christian faith.

Furthermore, His death is strikingly different from the deaths of these mythological gods. His death was an actual historical event. And as Paul instructs, He died once, for the sins of everyone (Romans 6.10), and arose in power, never to die again, but to put an end to death, claiming victory for all.

JESUS CHRIST IS UNIQUE THROUGHOUT ALL HUMAN HISTORY, with His claim of being one with His Father, Yahweh, rising above every other false claim to be god. And the ultimate question that he still asks today, DO YOU BELIEVE HIM? (John 9.35)

Originally published by Detroit Church.

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