Victory Always Belongs To Jesus

Victory Always Belongs To Jesus

It’s been said that we don’t fight for the victory but that we fight from the victory in Christ Jesus. And that’s never been more true as we look back on His death and resurrection.

Each day since then, we live in and experience life out of this victory that Jesus secured for us since the day that death died. That means that the greatest enemy we could ever face off against – sin, and the spiritual death it brings, has been defeated.

Already Done?

I heard a song recently that begged some moving questions about this victory in Christ as it relates to how we live this out:

Am I fighting battles that God’s already won? Am I running races that He’s already run? Am I working on something that He’s already done? Am I trying to be enough to be loved when He already loves me [and us all] infinitely?

The answers to these questions say a lot about our relationship with God, how we view Him and our place in Him, and how we allow Him reign, freedom, and lordship in our lives.

Victory In Hard Times

In our crazy times, there’s no shortage of hardship and challenges to overcome. You’ve probably heard the saying: “There’s always something going on…” When we feel like we can’t catch a break – one tragedy or thing after the next.

Man smiling in front of a cross

While spiritual death has been defeated, sin still abounds and explains much about our fallen world and why bad things happen; many of which, are simply out of our control. But there is a Hope for tomorrow and a Truth for today. He is Jesus, and the victory and hope that He brings.

So while we don’t necessarily rejoice for every situation, we can rejoice in every situation [with the right perspective]. The right perspective is keeping our eyes to Jesus – depending on Him and keeping His ways. This is how we fight from the victory. And with this victory, there’s a rest, even in the midst of our busyness and challenges. This is a rest that’s only found in Him – a rest that we work and live out of that brings relief.

The hope of the resurrection is that we’ll be with Him one day and away from all of this. And for our time now, we get the opportunity to live this life with and out of Jesus rather than apart from Him. That’s the W, that’s the victory we have.

Our worst days with Jesus are better than our best days apart from Him. The goodness of God is always present – we just have to look for it.