Information Overload

Information Overload

As I sat down to write this article, I realized that the majority of what I was going to share came from my mentor, Dave Buehring. He’s the one who discipled me in the ways, character, and mission of Jesus, and many of the principles I teach and live by come from the 20-year relationship I’ve had with Dave. He’s the one who taught me to keep my eyes on Jesus and always to test whatever anyone says about God, Christianity, and the Bible, against the Word of God… including him.

I was going to write about the amount of information we have accessible to us today. With the technology that is available, we no longer have to look it up in books or even on the internet. We just speak into the air, “Hey Siri” or “Okay Google” and ask a question, and within .02 seconds, we have an answer or links to thousands of articles full of information for us to absorb.

This is called Information Overload. It’s too much for us to attain. We cannot possibly sift through all the information that is available to us. There is an overwhelming and constant flow of studies, data, ads, and reels that claim they can transform our minds, bodies, and eating habits. When it comes to our spiritual lives, there is an endless stream of sermons, teaching clips, sound bites, and podcasts that promise life change, but the question is… How do you know if any of it is true? Which ones do I trust? Which voice do I listen to?

So, instead of me writing out this process that Dave Buehring taught me, I thought I would just record a candid conversation with him about it.

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The Process of Transformation: Revelation -> Obedience -> Transformation

This article originally appeared on the False Jesus Podcast.